Draw me like one of your french poodles.

chococanvas asked me nicely if I could draw them a Ren. I hadn’t drawn a Ren yet, so… :’D

Draw me like one of your french poodles.

chococanvas asked me nicely if I could draw them a Ren. I hadn’t drawn a Ren yet, so… :’D

Top three make up tips for people just starting to wear make up





1. You don’t have to wear liquid liner. There’s a reason people are so proud when their liquid liner is on-point: Because it is difficult. There are a lot of easier alternatives to liquid liner. Crayon liners provide the precision of liquid liner without the temperamentality. I use a combination of black eyeshadow and black pencil liner for a smokier look.

2. It’s okay to go to cheap, but not too cheap. If you’re trying something new that you may not end up wearing a lot, my recommendation is to hit the drug store. Maybelline and Wet & Wild have both served me well over the years. Avoid the dollar store because chances are the stuff there will be so low quality that you’ll have wasted your money. (Daiso seems okay.)

3. If you’re going to get one thing in high quality, make it your foundation/BB cream. If you look or feel greasy, it doesn’t matter how nice the rest of your make up is. You can get everything else from a drug store, but I recommend buying foundation from a real cosmetics brand like Sephora. Learn to blend, whether with your fingers or a sponge. Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone. When in doubt, go lighter because it’s easier to blend away light patches than dark ones.

Bonus: Experiment! A lot of learning to wear make up and figuring out what looks good on you and your specific skin tone and eye shape(/lip shape/face shape) is trial and error. Stock up on make up remover, and then lock yourself in your bathroom and play. (Bathroom lights tend to be gentler and more flattering than natural light.)

I have things to add

1. EyelinerIn my opinion, either marker or gel liners are the best. WE DIDN’T HAVE MARKERS BACK IN MY DAY but they’re getting really common, and imo the best for control. Gel liners are the priciest but also easy to control and you can get a little more dramatic/cover more area with them. Most pencil liners will smudge very easily, which is a look some people like, but yeah it won’t be good for super sharp wings usually. Also eye primer is very important!! 

3. You could also get expensive powder if you put shitty powder on good foundation, overall you might end up looking pretty shitty anyway. Also you don’t necessarily need powder. It’s mostly if you really need for your makeup to stay on, or your skin is oily. If you accidentally buy foundation that’s too dark, save it and use it for contouring. ALSO POWDER IS REALLY GREAT because it’s mostly what directs the light around your face (??? I can’t words), so if your skin is kinda bumpy and gross you can use more powder and you will look smooth and inhuman and beautiful. 

Bonus: No mascara is cheaper or more dramatic than fake eyelashes >_____________>

You listen to this strange creature because this strange creature looks nice often.

My own notes.

Wet and Wild liquid liners are SHIT but the other stuff is good. Their eyeshadows and liner pencils are good. Their liquid liners have shitty pigment and anything besides black is never actually the color it says it will be.

You can layer mascaras for great lashes without the pain in the ass falsies. Take any kind you like for the first layer, I like to use Size Queen because it extends my lashes. Then instantly use a Clump Crusher. This way you get the length and will keep your lashes from being all wet looking. Just make sure you get both in the same color!

If you really want a lip liner to keep your lipstick from running but can’t choose a color, Sephora has clear lip liner. It can be used for any lipstick, so while its a little more money to get it from there its well worth it if you’re a big lippie girl like me.

Need help with eyebrows or lip colors? Sephora will, for free, help you pick and let you actually try on any product. While you’re doing the one product the attendants will usually offer a full face of makeup without you having to buy the $50 of product you have to buy in a scheduled makeover Just don’t ask for a full makeover or you will have to do the $50. BUT you know how a good BB cream is suggested? Sephora has two great brands (Dr. Jart and Hourglass) and those will run you ~$45. So if you want a full face plan to get one of those.


have you ever shipped something so hard that you started crying


i remember even just a year ago, i’d see pictures all the time of people with captions saying “i’m ugly” and stuff like that

but now, just about every day on my dash, it’s gotten to be like a thing where people will say “my hair looked super cute today” or “i’ve been feeling so body positive lately”

how awesome is that

List of things that don’t indicate somebodies gender


-Body parts
-What somebody is wearing
-A presence or lack of dysphoria

Theres absolutely no way to tell somebodies gender unless they tell you what it is.



sketch ´`




sketch ´`


G-rated high school AU not-really-Owain/Brady fic. ~470 words. For jackjerripher kinda because he knows exactly what this is. xD

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I wanna write something so good people stay up till three in the morning writing theories and head canons about it.


doodled my beloved dragon child LOL