I’m proud that my only currently relevant contribution to Fire Emblem fandom is: “Ike, almost definitely gay. Maybe a furry?”




So I assume some in the DMMD fandom haven’t played the visual novel so as a heads up

If you’re triggered or uncomfortable with death, gangrape, and abuse, please please don’t watch the next episode or be wary because what happens in the game is Aoba is taken to Mink’s gang hq where Mink allows his gang to rape Aoba and Mink ends up killing one of his own members in front of Aoba.

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yes the or/as clock actually counts down


I can’t change the background due to having a netbook with Windows Starter, but you can look at my applications.


I need to cleanup soon.

I’m actually running Windows 7. I installed a Windows 8 theme.


Like half these programs/games I don’t even play anymore.


this isn’t even my laptop this is the spare one we have in the house (but i made it hamtaro anyway)


wow compared to u guys mine is pretty empty

//turtles .__.


I’m seeing this on my dash from a few so… Guess my favorite character in my top 10 fandoms.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
2. Dewprism
3. Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword - Karel, guessed by Math (+1 more)
4. Fire Emblem: Awakening - Gaius, guessed by Math
5. Free! - Rei, guessed by Calw, Nitori, guessed by Neri
6. Ouran High School Host Club - Kyoya, guessed by Neri (+1 more)
7. Pokemon - Todd, guessed by Math
8. Radiata Stories - Lucian, guessed by Neri
9. Samurai Champloo - Jin, guessed by Calw and Math
10. Slayers

1.) Would you rather be a dwarf, a goblin (either type), or an orc (either type)? 2.) Any cool dreams last night? 3.) If you could grow facial hair, what style of beard/mustache would you get?

1. Dwarf, Goblin, Orc

You had me at dwarf, bro. I want to be a dwarf, omg. I want a big, bushy beard with little braids and jewellery in it. I’m already short and stout so. Yea. Dwarf. ♥ I’d be hot for a dwarf, imo. :’D

2. Recent Dream

Not a cool dream but I had this dream last night that… idk it was high school-ish. I was leaving for the day [except in the dream I walked home instead of catching a bus]. The point at which I really start remember things/where things picked up, there was this guy who reminded me of a dude who liked me in high school but was much more of a creeper in the dream, and he was following me.

I wasn’t sure if he was that kind of creep until I tried to discreetly ditch him by ducking into the girls’ washroom. He followed me in, but he was far enough behind me that he didn’t see which stall I had gone into. When he passed the one that I was in, I slipped out and took off.

It wasn’t enough, he caught up somewhere on the sidewalk around the time that I came upon this run-down shack that some other students (witches?) were using as a club house.

I figured if I headed in there where there are other girls my age, I’ll be safer than if I ignore the dude and keep walking. So I went in. Only one or two of them really even noticed that I had walked in on their club activities, the rest didn’t acknowledge me at all. On the other hand, when he came in after me… the rest acknowledged him right away. They were right pissed with him for no obvious reason and chased him off.

When the girls returned to their club stuff, I stepped out. One of the ones who had acknowledged me followed me out. I asked about what happened there, and she… pointed out to me that not everyone had a shadow and explained [without words, there was just this kind of understanding] that those without shadows were spirits, not living, breathing beings. And they have zero tolerance for ill intentions.

3. Facial Hair

Uh… I want like… a baby beard. Something that looks like it’s been growing for a week, but not months/years. More than a five o’clock shadow but not a massive bush. Unless I can braid it, then maybe a long beard would be nice, idk.

Not Pansexuality: "I don't care about gender!! Gender is meaningless!"
Pansexuality: "I understand that gender can be an important part of someone's identity, but it will have no effect on whether I am attracted to them."


Summertime is nice and hot,
And my life is sweet like vanilla is.


Zodiac Sagittarius facts.


Zodiac Sagittarius facts.


Ah, I hadn’t put it quite like that. I think I just said it was prolly because Pitt’s body’s age is his own age whereas younger looking elves might be older spirits transpirited into younger bodies.

Yeah, that’s what I meant to imply. Like…Row probably got the transpiritation once or twice but her body is younger than Pitt’s but they consider her older because of her spiritual age. (Sorry if I misinterpreted.) 

WAIT SORRY. I read that a little wrong. They might do it that way if they aren’t faced with the ultimatum of which body is nearby that we can perform the ritual on because there’s only a limited amount of time until we can perform the ritual. But they probably do try to get the youngest body possible. That makes sense. (If that is the case, then maybe the older looking elves never got a ritual because they’ve been so careful all this time?)

I’m assuming the reason why her young body would have gotten the ritual more times than Pitt is because she puts herself into danger by going treasure hunting all the time. Same with Hap because she likes to bring him with because she thinks he’s lucky. And Alan has gotten the ritual at least once because he’s gotten attacked by wild animals while helping Few do research out in nature.

//headcanon FIRE!!! :’D

My assumption with transpiritation was that the healthier body is the one that survives when the spirits merge — because it’s often in dire situations like Ridley and Hap’s case where one or both are dying that transpiritation is used. It’s not a common occurrence, and it’s a tragedy when it needs to be used at all.

My assumption is also that older, more experienced and worldly elves are more likely to go to battle (be it war or territorial—look at the dangers in their own region—or otherwise), and thereby more likely to be the ones injured. So it’s much more common for an older elf to be transpirited into a younger elf’s body than vice versa.

It’s altogether possible that Row and Alan and Hap are physically younger than Pitt, but that Pitt has never experienced a transpiritation. And that the souls transpirited into the younger-bodied elves are older elves’ souls.