//apologizes profusely for being a dumb emotional baby and hides under table for the rest of the night OTL

For having crashed at 8pm, damn, last night was an adventure.

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Okay so one time I had a made-up baby sword class that upgrades to myrmidon or mercenary and a myrmidon-bound OC of said class who was the self-proclaimed General Citrine of the Grado army [since citrine is like the cheaper/fake alternative to topaz in jewellery, and my birth stone] and she had this kind of vitriolic… friendship?? with Valter that was basically lovesick obsession, and he, like, sent her to harass Glen and Cormag for the lulz or something like that because she was young and dumb and she was basically just a petty nuisance and the brothers would tolerate her (Cormag less so than Glen) because she wasn’t actually malevolent like Valter?? xD;;




//pretends she didn’t just eat moldy bread OTL

LF Purple Pansies

I originally planned to breed one of all the hybrid flowers for myself, but purple pansies are one of the flowers I want a lot of. OTL

I have blue pansies, orange lilies, orange roses, pink and orange cosmos… I don’t really want to part with purple roses or pink lilies, but I could. So if you want some of those, there’s that. I’m also done collecting fossils for the museum but have started collecting for models — so if you need any fossils, I can see if I have what you’re looking for. If not, uh… ._. idk, how many bells is reasonable to pay for a pair of purple pansies?


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I don’t think I reblog/post that much DMMD and what I do is like 90% Mink and I’m sorry if in the long run this blog isn’t relevant to your interests but

hello. :’D

Hm, I did similar themes in the asks I sent to Atan and bro for the meme, even if they were different characters with very different personalities and different intents with the letters… I think I’ll do something else with the next one.

//waits for someone else to reblog the thing

Just letting y’all know that I cleaned out about half my inbox, including some meme asks for which I forgot what the meme even was. OTL;; [Not all the meme asks, I still have some fic asks and RS meme asks and idk a couple others??]

I have an extended to do list in order now finally, including what’s left to answer in there. ♥ This is why I haven’t reblogged certain drawing memes, as much as I’d like to. :’3

Sometimes I forget I’m a lefty, like the time my nephew handed me crayons and I colored with him for like five minutes before realizing I was holding the crayons in my right. And sometimes at work, the way I hold piping bags. Sometimes also when someone hands me a pen — offers it to the right — I take it and it takes a minute to figure out that I should prooobably switch hands before I fill out or sign anything. xD;;