Those of you who make / play / love RPG Maker games, any of you have an opinion on which version of RPG Maker or other similar programs are best to use [or in general just the pros and cons of different ones / personal preference]??

I can’t keep on keepin on with RM2K, jfc Robby, das old. But I am considering making a game instead of writing a novel for NaNo this November [if not just starting whenever and aiming to put all that would-be-NaNo time into it instead] and I’m looking for how to go about the actual game part of it.

No details because I am notorious for running out of steam on a project if I elaborate too much to too many. |D;; Though I will say it’s entirely relevant to Lynne and Abri.

Oh… I had a comment in here about what I was streaming… oh well. Doesn’t matter now b/c I beat the Five Nights at Freddy’s demo, and I don’t wanna buy the full game too weenie for that shit. xD;; So. On to drawin stream I guess. :’D [Livestream’s offline while I get set up / to split the recordings of the two up, but it’ll be back soon.] :’3

if anyone wants to watch me lose my shit over the first attempt of first night in Five Nights at Freddy’s, I stop fussing and start playing around the five minute mark. xD;; I don’t think I can make it any further than this, omg. [Turn down the volume, tho, I didn’t realize it was picking up so much so it’s loud and awful recording, sorry. D:]

modern au headcanon

when ppl want gaius to do favors for them the only currency he accepts is chocolate dollars

I have a couple new characters for a project I don’t wanna elaborate much on for fear I might abandon it before it gets far. Who wants to ask them things/ask things about them? :’D //trying to flesh them out a bit



I had a dream with kitten Owain and Brady in it this morning. xD;; And I thought they were in trouble because Owain was like “HELP, BRADY’S BEEN KIDNAPPED.” (Yes, talking kittens, hush.) And Brady was like under a coffee table pretending to be trapped there. xD;;

I am stuck on the fuckin cottage in the forest thing now, omg. OTL

There is something absolutely magical about hearing unscripted words from a real person that sound like they’re coming from characters making up in a daytime drama.

I am actually crying right now omg. Happy tears. xD

Picking at sketchy things. Voicechatting and playing music with trntbl (could get weird with random other audio posts but yea). It’ll be live in a minute if it’s not already so. :’3 Potential butts warning since I am a classy artist and haven’t given the poor dudes clothes yet. :B