I guess I’m not the only one who’s sick. The dogs haven’t eaten all day, and Kiki just threw up. Still not sure what’s causing it, but jfc I hope I feel okay for work tomorrow. OTL;

I need to eat, finally actually hungry, but I still feel like I’m gonna throw up.

[I’m at three “voice” asks now, I think. |D Seven to go.]

And it is late and I should sleep, but I really wanna watch another episode of Hannibal… decisions…

Things I can do right now:
- Watch Merlin
- Watch Hannibal
- Livestream arts
- Finish coloring 63!Witch and Hero refs
- Grind Sableye levels in Y

Things I am doing right now:
- Daydreaming about OCs

Dream? Dream. [Am I running out of time to get ready for work? Yea, that too. xD]

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I was thinkin of streaming again but yanno what I think I might just veg and catch up on S2 of Hannibal… e.e;;

I made that last post an hour ago, and they’re still not here yet. gdi Jay’s gonna be up late tonight, isn’t he? Hopefully I’ll still have time to stream before bed… ;n;

(Five minutes later, here they are. :B)

Jayden hasn’t come back over from his nap yet, though I’m sure he will soon… but who thinks I should stream after he goes to bed tonight (in probably 4-5 hours)? |D

Ah, shit, I was gonna put on Merlin while I’m workin on my to do list for later, and I forgot Netflix has been giving us a network error all day. ;_; Dangit.

Music, then.

Oh hey! Last night’s stream recorded/uploaded properly. Look! :D

If anyone wanted to see the process on Melee, I started him around the 38 minute mark (an hour and a half of fooling around for him, huh).

In retrospect, if I leave the whole desktop visible instead of just FireAlpaca, the voicechatting would make more sense ‘cause y’all could see what I’m responding to in recordings… (MIND THE NSFW CONVERSATION AT ONE POINT, herp derp). Might do that next time, might not, it’s something to consider.