if anyone could see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch it would be mink

Answer below, or in an ask or submit. ♥ What are your favorite good luck charms [of any kind] and why?

Now that I have confirmation that my dumb little RPG Maker test game works… Save zip, extract files and double-click the application to play. It’s super short, like, two minutes from start to finish [assuming you don’t die a lot]. It’s mostly just an experiment in chases / obstacles, but I tried to make it fun, too. Reasonably successful? :’D

Move: ← ↓ → ↑
Confirm: enter, space, Z
Cancel: esc, X
Run: shift (you are gonna need this)

Putting this in the Radiata tag because vaguely a Radiata game. It would be more Radiata-like with custom graphics instead of default RTP things, but I’m not that ambitious with it. [You shouldn’t need the RTP to play. I copied the files into the game’s folders before zipping, but bro probably has the RTP from when we were playing RPG Maker titles together so… If you find anything missing/it gives you errors, let me know.]

Watching My Cat from Hell was a bad idea. I’ve gone from passively missing my cat to fuckin tears in my eyes goddammit. .__.

Those of you who make / play / love RPG Maker games, any of you have an opinion on which version of RPG Maker or other similar programs are best to use [or in general just the pros and cons of different ones / personal preference]??

I can’t keep on keepin on with RM2K, jfc Robby, das old. But I am considering making a game instead of writing a novel for NaNo this November [if not just starting whenever and aiming to put all that would-be-NaNo time into it instead] and I’m looking for how to go about the actual game part of it.

No details because I am notorious for running out of steam on a project if I elaborate too much to too many. |D;; Though I will say it’s entirely relevant to Lynne and Abri.

Oh… I had a comment in here about what I was streaming… oh well. Doesn’t matter now b/c I beat the Five Nights at Freddy’s demo, and I don’t wanna buy the full game too weenie for that shit. xD;; So. On to drawin stream I guess. :’D [Livestream’s offline while I get set up / to split the recordings of the two up, but it’ll be back soon.] :’3

if anyone wants to watch me lose my shit over the first attempt of first night in Five Nights at Freddy’s, I stop fussing and start playing around the five minute mark. xD;; I don’t think I can make it any further than this, omg. [Turn down the volume, tho, I didn’t realize it was picking up so much so it’s loud and awful recording, sorry. D:]

modern au headcanon

when ppl want gaius to do favors for them the only currency he accepts is chocolate dollars

I have a couple new characters for a project I don’t wanna elaborate much on for fear I might abandon it before it gets far. Who wants to ask them things/ask things about them? :’D //trying to flesh them out a bit