Psst, should I make an ask Modiro and Tanner (doodle) blog??

Laughing bc you know if I actually do the dating sim thing Clarence is gonna be an option and he is gonna have an ass hairier than a dwarf’s face.

Oh, before I forget. Happy birthday to touchedvenus and sammyblade1995 :D I hope you guys had a fun day, and have a great new year of life!

Omg Robby you can’t just tell people they’re cute.

I can and I have and I’ll do it again gdi.


After the half-minute call from Art, I called mom to let her know. We talked for like an hour and a half. xD;; The phone cut out twice, and I haven’t called back yet. She’s gotta get ready and leave for work anyway. :B

It sold.

If nothing else, I can stop fretting over it now.

I haven’t heard from Art yet. Pls call soon, sir, I have to call mom after you phone and the sooner the better.

The saddest things in the world:

-people forgotten on their birthdays
-old people eating alone
-animals left behind by their humans

September 2005, me and friends in town were at the mall, one was shopping for a birthday present for another. For reasons I don’t wanna get into, I was panicking.

When we stopped in the food court, an elderly gentleman asked kindly if he could sit beside me. He drank his coffee or whatever while we didn’t really pay him much mind. All the same, when he got up to leave, he tapped me on the shoulder again to say thank you.

I don’t doubt it meant something to him that we shared space with him, but it also gave me something else to think about, and that helped ease the panic.

I think about that day a lot.

I’m restless and can’t focus. I’m not sure if I’m hoping the house is still available to view anymore. idk. We’ll see what Art has to say in the morning. q_q;;